About Us

About Canadian Global Technologies

Canadian Global Technologies (CGT) is a leading GIS and Software Consulting company with over 15 years of experience in providing T.T. solutions, web and software consultations. CGT has also built it’s expertise on high-skilled GIS consulting specialization as well.

CGT has in-depth expertise in operational data management solutions, GIS technical solutions and will help you to identify strategies for efficient workflows in today’s fast changing digital age. We will help you respond to trends by quickly developing a long lasting business advantage.

Leveraging Technology, Improving Business Productivity

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Helping sectors maximize their return on investment

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During 15 years in IT industry, we gained wide expertise in telecommunications (developing custom IVR systems), helping companies maximize their performance in business activities while reducing their costs. We work with First Nation governments to assist with their GIS / Remote sensing needs.

Why Us?

Trust & Transparency.   We strive to build long lasting relationships with both our clients and business partners, how? Through transparency, trust and delivering exceptional results for you constantly.

Experience.  Our experienced consultants will help you make better informed decisions when choosing the right set of products and services for your business

Professionalism.  We provide your organization with highest standards of professionalism and value-driven service.

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality service (I.T., GIS, consulting and managed services) to all our clients.

Customer Focused: Providing highest standard of integrity, respect and honesty.

Innovation Driven: Relentlessly meeting  ever changing business needs.

Excellence: Commitment to improvement and strive for excellence in all aspects.

Our vision is to become a leading, well established consulting firm in Canada meeting the needs of clients. We’ll achieve our vision through good relationships, integrity, exceptional service, education and growth.