CES 2019: The Bizarre Toothbrush, Smart Yogurt Maker, and Wrist Wearables on My "Must-See" List

  • January 4, 2019
    The Y-Brush cleans all of your teeth in 10 seconds.
    Photo: Y-Brush


    CES 2019 officially starts on Tuesday and press announcements will begin on Sunday. But I already know the news will be dominated by autonomous vehicles (big and small) that go beyond watching the road to watching what you are doing and feeling; robots that want to be your best friend, fetch your groceries, and even clean your toilet; and TV screens that are bigger, brighter, flatter, and/or more energy efficient than ever. And I’ll check out all of those new developments, or at least as many as I can, and report on it here.

    Meanwhile, this week, besides figuring out how to cover the 2.7 million square feet of CES exhibits, I’ve been making my personal “treasure hunt” list. It includes items, culled from a mountain of product announcements and invitations, that might make my life easier or at least more fun. There are also things on it that I think would just be interesting to try—or whose developers I want to ask, “What were you thinking?” Most of the companies showing these products are small (though that’s not a criteria for their inclusion on my list), and the chances of their products finding a mass market may be small as well. But it does happen, and I wish them all luck.


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